Sunday Runday

I had the kind of day where you smile so hard your face hurts. I was pretty on the go today all day which was hectic, but I got to talk to just about everyone I love & topped t off with a sugar free dinner!

I had Chicken Florentine Meatballs from Popular Paleo, although I used 2 pounds ground chicken instead of 1lb ground chicken and 1lb Italian Sausage. I ate my meatballs over a bed of french cut green beans, and then topped it off with a simple sugar free, ABSOLUTELY delicious marinara sauce! The recipe is directly from Poor Paleo.

You have to try the recipe, it was great! Also while you're over at Poor Paleo check out her about me page, this girl started in at 306 pounds in 2013. After going Paleo she's lost over 117 pounds. 

I think the biggest thing with doing any sort of lifestyle change, or detox, or "diet" is realizing that you are in control. That really helped me out the last two days, as I'm officially not finishing out my 21 day sugar detox.

Last night we had a work event I got to go too. It was fun but I didn't plan out my meals very well and by 9pm I was getting irrationally angry with the hubby. I knew I needed to eat, but my thoughts always lead me to 'should I be eating food off of a buffet line?' If I can't trust where it's coming from, then I don't want to attempt to eat it. I left the party in a big hurry because I HAD to eat.
When we finally arrived at a restaurant, I was forced to make snap decisions, but remembering that I was the one in control of what goes into my body, that I got to choose what I ate, I was able to make better educated decisions.
I made choices based out of education instead of fear.

When the hubby was enjoying a big package of m&m's, I decided to eat 5 little pieces, but 5 pieces was perfect. It was all I needed.

I also got back out for a GREAT run today! 3.12miles in 28 mins and 46seconds. It was really hard to push myself today. I was able to do it though. After the first mile, which is always the hardest for me, I was able to find that small brief...very brief...zen space that helped push me through. That and knowing I have an event coming up. That always helps. So does having a secret one upping contest with your brother who is currently running 3 miles in 27minutes...gotta try and beat his time.

As well as yesterday, I almost had to force myself to do yoga yesterday. Once I did though, I felt better. My mantra's to get me off the couch and onto the yoga mat were "You'll feel better when you do. You are choosing to do yoga."  It's amazing how that works.
Lately it's seems like it's not so much that I lack motivation but drive. What is driving me to make these decisions? Taking stock of the last few weeks/months...I think I was making decisions based out of fear. "If I eat this, this will destroy my hormones." But now, changing my focus..."If I eat this instead of that, this will help my hormones. I am making the choice to be in control of what goes into my body." Changing from a negative to a positive.

Picking positive thoughts can be hard, especially if you feel naturally wired to only look a the the down side, but once you do change you mindset a world awakens to you. You are able to do anything and be a conqueror. An over comer.

Alright, I am really feeling the effects of my day. I am headed to bed where my eye lids can study the back of my eyelids for a couple hours.

Just for funsies (It's a totally made up word) here's a picture of my doggie girl..isn't she cute?

AGH! Also, don't tell me what happened on the Walking Dead Tonight!!! We aren't watching until tomorrow!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

Because like any sane Fan, I'm on the Richonne Ship! As any die hard should be!

I will definitely let you know my thoughts tomorrow about whatever happened tonight...if I can avoid social media long enough to not find not check twitter, do not check pinterest, do not go into the world or discuss anything zombie/walker/roamer related.
Blessings Everyone, A