The Impossible

Have you heard this story yet, about the 570 pound man? If you haven't, meet Derrek Mitchell. He is a 34 year old man who has a tumor on his pituitary gland, that blocks testosterone production and secretes prolactin. This largely contributed to his weight gain and prohibited his body from entering puberty when it needed to.

This year he decided to participate in a 5k each month for the remainder of the year. He has over 700 followers on his community Facebook Page  His story has been shared on Runners World and Back Of the Pack, as well as in a few magazines.

While he has quite the challenge ahead of him, he is incredibly dedicated. He's now on medicine to help with the tumor related weight gain, and is dieting and exercising to take off the rest. He's even participating in a 30 Day Vegan Challenge.

Not afraid to try something new and daring to do the impossible. He shared this video on his Facebook page yesterday...

It's Possible. If you can dream, you can do it.

I'm conflicted on how to tie this together without making it a super lengthy post...but I feel in my heart the last two days God has really been telling me that the impossible is possible. If I hear it twice it's a coincidence, if I hear it three times it's a pattern...but by golly if I hear it 4 times, I better be paying attention.

It started Wednesday night as I was catching up on Mike & Molly.

Mike and Molly attend OA meetings. (Otherwise known as Over Eaters Anonymous.) Mike lost 50lbs & is looking GREAT! But he had 1 piece of pie with a scoop of ice cream and gained 5 pounds! For the rest of the episode it was him trying to side step every bad decision which in turn just turned into a terrible decision because he ended up hangry, which in turn led to him punching a guy. In the nose! When he finally confessed to Molly about what happened, she was able to give him the encouragement he needed and at the meeting he was talking about how he was going to concentrate on how he feels today instead of the number. How he overcame everything. It was a great episode.
Followed by last night's DVR episode of Rissole and Isles (I told you I am a TV addict)

 Where Isles was trying to resolve some left over feelings from a breakup and Rizzoli was trying to reconcile the loss of her friend. Isles quoted Sherlock...

A song I hadn't heard in awhile popped on the radio earlier yesterday...Joe Nichols

Just story, after story, quote after quote. Then...last night, at a Pinterest Night with some girl friends, I had 1 cookie. 1 stinking cookie. I tried really hard not to condemn myself. I mean I told you guys I was going to go sugar free until after Easter.I feel like I let you down. I feel very disappointed in myself.

I'm really good at being competitive...especially with myself...and this...well it made me feel like I lost. I knew what I was doing too. I knew even as I picked it up to eat that I was doing something not great. I even thought, oh screw it I'll start the 21 Day Sugar Detox over again after Easter. Sometimes I feel like a total nut job for explaining my diet to people, "No I don't eat dairy, sugar, soy, or gluten."
Every now and again, I'll cheat and have a few pieces of cheese, apparently a cookie...but it's for me to decide what I can and can't handle in my body and realize how much is too much.
Will one cookie kill me? No. It won't even set my hormones and blood sugar levels off enough to even consider it a cheat meal.

I have to stop giving into my fears and condemning myself for treating myself. I think I have finally learned how to control how much and when I can consume the bad things...aka sugar/dairy. I felt in charge of that cookie last night. I enjoyed it but I knew I only wanted one. I can do this. I can be in charge of my food decisions. The detox, even though I didn't get to complete it, taught me that.

I still absolutely suggest that you if you are struggling with a sugar addiction or are experiencing the negative side effects of having to much sugar in your diet, then try the 21 Day Sugar Detox. As I move forward from this challenge I am deciding to have 1 treat again before Easter. It will be only natural sugar. I am kicking refined & added sugars to the curb as much as I can. As I start gearing up for more intense training I will to be using more "sugar" to fuel my body for the speed. I am going to start training with "sugar" by using raisins, after Easter. I'll talk about the benefits of dried fruit before a workout next week.

Thank you for following me on this journey. At some point I would like to do the official detox, of the actual 21 days & complete it all the way through, I'll keep you posted when I do it again.

Blessings everyone,