Better For It and Keeping It Real

About the only time I catch an ad these days as if I am watching something on YouTube, otherwise I am blessed to be able to speed through them on my DVR. This one, by Nike, just happened to catch my eye long enough that I didn't hit the "skip ad" button on YouTube.

I feel like this is most women. Lately, I've been bombarded with before and after photos, and after and even better photos. It's hard for a girl to not feel completely inadequate

I don't know if guys feel this same pressure for body image as women do. I think some do, but I don't know to what degree it does. While I'm completely in love with the fact that I have lost 80 pounds and kept it off, I still don't have rock hard abs. In fact I have that tummy fat thing where my stomach kind of looks split in the middle on the you what I'm talking about?

Sort of like that, but flatter and more of a split down the middle? Some of it's excess skin yes, from losing the weight, but still some fat left in there. This portion of my belly used to be a lot bigger...I can't find the specific picture I'm looking for, but I had a pretty decent sized barrel.

Lately, I've been down on myself because because I don't have rock hard killer abs, especially like my sister in law. But, if I'm being honest, she's a personal trainer AND is working towards her first fitness show. She has the time, she has the dedication, and it's HER goal.

Right now, I would love to have more define muscles and less body fat. It took my sister in law, who was already in pretty good shape, 20 weeks...that's 5 months people, to get her rock hard abs. That's 5 months of sweat, dedication, strict diet control, and passion.

Not all of us are going to be those women in Spin class with the model like butts. Not all of us are going to have perfect balance in yoga.

I have to remember where I am in my journey.  In fact that little pooch I have, well it's getting a lot less saggy on one side.
I have to continue to rememebr what my goals are and work at them a little each day. In 20 weeks, I may have rock hard abs, maybe not. I just have to keep being real with where my body and my goals are.

I was inspired to share this real woman post today after reading Lauren Fleshman's post on Runners World: Keeping It Real. She's also not perfect...(Although the first picture would have you believing different.) Sure she also trained for sports wear modeling gig but the follow up photos are a great reminder that what you see on the runway, isn't always real.

These two photos were taken in the same week. For more inspiration on REAL Bodies, that ARE KEEPING IT REAL, check out This Article on Runner's World. Everything from "Cheese Thighs", to sagging planking stomach, and even the IBTC shows up now and again. The pictures in the article help remind me that I too am human and won't always look great, but that I will always get to love myself if I choose too.

Here's my "Keeping It Real Photo", big booty, wide hips and all. From just this last Sunday...

And here's one from two Sundays ago...these pictures were also taken in the same week!

How do I love the second one more then the first? My body looks lean and strong in this picture. I even "like" my thighs". It's the same body.
We are women, we are real. We're better for loving ourselves and trying new things. Don't be afraid of who you are. Get out there and accomplish something great.

Blessings everyone,


Anonymous said…
I wish i could find this article I read about how women should strive for hard rock abs. Anyway, it was something about how women aren't naturally supposed to have those muscles and for us to achieve them is usually very unnatural and unhealthy. Of course, that was one opinion from one article I can't find anymore, so...
Love the Nike ad. I saw a similar one awhile back. Makes me feel like taking on the world!
Amanda Goe said…
Coconut and Kettlebells wrote up a post about it, I think I mentioned it awhile back.
I should probably read it more often.