Fitness This Challenge

That title was a lame attempt at a joke.

I really like the idea of attempting a small amount each day to work towards the Memorial Day Murph. Today I completed 45 push ups, 45 squats with kettle bells, and 15 pull ups. I ended up walking today because of my bum knee. It feels a LOT better after my massage yesterday but I didn't want to overwork it by running a long distance.

I got back to the "grind'. Was able to swing some "weights around".

A lot of people who lift own that word. I figure it fit in with todays actions. I can really feel it in my traps! They are on fire and singing to meeeee!

Anyway, do yourself a favor try a small challenge. Big events always help keep me focused. It's easier to want to keep at my goals if I can see where I am going with them. In this case I am working towards doing the best I can at the Muprh this year. I'd like to be able to complete all sets but my overall goal is to do basically what I did last year. Which was 50 pull ups, 100-150 pushups, and 300 air squats.

This year I'd really like to be able to accomplish all of the push ups. 100 regular, 100 on my knees. 300 air squats, but since I still don't have the muscle built up yet for pull ups, I'll probably stick with 50 again. The 2 mile run will be nothing.

 Either way, if you're looking to do something close to this, I found these great challenges on the web that might be able to help with these goals.

(Photo credits included in pictures last one--Trusper )

I'm well on my way to making progress for the end of May. Even if you don't get in a full workout for the day, do a small challenge. Pick an event. Work towards that event. 

You'll never regret a workout, I promise. You'll only regret it, when you do miss one. 


Tomorrow for Wordy Wednesday I am going to talk about body image again...mostly for the ladies...because I'm a lady...well...mostly. 
(You must know I am considering using ice cream names as curse words though...I've seen this, and it is funny. I mean, who can be mad when you say things like "What the Mint Chocolate Chip are You Talking about?" It even sounds funny.)

But seriously, I am going to spend some time on body image, confidence, and the awesome new Nike commercial...have you seen it? Well, I'll definitely share it tomorrow!