Paleo friendly Easter ideas

Earlier last week I was thinking ahead to Easter. I would like to keep it as clean as possible, as Paleo as possible.

With that said, I will probably have 1 thing that's more "clean eating" than actual Paleo...just as a disclaimer...that my day won't be 100% Paleo. I am thinking of making a gluten, dairy free pasta salad. Although...depending on how much quinoa I have, I might actually make a quinoa salad...anyway...I digress. 

For Breakfast I will be making the amazing bunny scramble. (Minus the cheese). I used peppers for the nose and eyes, blueberries for the pupils, and some yummy bacon for the ears! Along side the bunny creation I have decided to make Simply TaraLynn's Cinnamon Rolls

To take with me to both families, I will be making Paleo Lemon Pound Cake, for dessert. I can hardly contain myself. I can't wait to try this. The recipe sounds pretty easy to make, as well as cheap because I already have all of the ingredients in my fridge and cabinet for this cake recipe!

I'm sticking with garlic and dill roasted vegetables, from fast paleo as a side.

And for a super secret snack to only be shared with the hubby...Homemade Reese's Almond Butter Cups! Yay!

Overall, I'll have my breakfast at home which will be 100% paleo, lunch and dinner will consist of ham and the vegetables I'm bringing. Then dessert will be the lemon pound cake. I'll come prepared with snacks throughout the day which should help me stay on track with the food choices I've started making again. Yay! I hope you are out trying new things, new recipes. Don't be afraid to take time and see what works best for you. Also if you're going to any Easter related events & are worried about what will be available, bring your own food!!! Trust me, once people get used to you being you, no one will question it after awhile. So, forget what people think.

On Monday, I'm going to a barbecue with my life group(bible study group) and I'm bringing my own ribs! That way I can participate but also not be worried about my diet.

Alright everyone,
I hope you are all well & are having a great Tuesday!