Hot Chocolate-Paleo Style

I am still a bit under the weather, and don't have anything miraculous to share today. I am rather unmotivated to exercise, so I have just been monitoring my weight/health by diet alone. I have picked up the house, and set out a few Christmas things, but not feeling like I want to set it ALL out this year.
Maybe I'll get more in the mood the closer Christmas gets...until then...with this cold weather settling in, I have been craving hot chocolate.

This year though, I am dedicated to sticking to a clean eating/PCOS friendly diet, which pretty much rules out any store bought hot cocoa.

There are quite a few different recipes out there, and I haven't physically made each of these recipes but I went about deciding what I have in my cabinets with which recipe sounded best.

I used the Real Food RN's recipe.

1 can coconut milk
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp honey
pinch of sea salt
1/4tsp of vanilla

Whisk together until all ingredients are combined, whisk continuously until a gentle boiling occurs. She even tells you how to make coconut whipped cream! Now that is a recipe I will definitely have to try sometime this December!
Until then....

The Real Food RN's recipe wasn't bad. It was like drinking melted chocolate, so VERY RICH!! I added regular coconut milk to thin mine out a bit...the jury's still out on what my husband thinks. Although, I'm not sure this recipe will be his favorite. (He just tried it... He said its like drinking jelly. I may have over cooked it? I made him borning old packet of hot chocolate.)

Lastly before I sign off, I posted last week some ideas for movie snacks, here are a few more...although processed they are gluten/dairy/soy free and some of them are even Vegan!

Pure Bars are my favorite. I find them, oddly enough, in the baking aisle at Bakers/Krogers. They have options like Dark Chocolate Berry, Chocolate Brownie, Apple cinnamon or even wild blueberry. It's the perfect carb snack that I can feel good about. Whole ingredients. By sweetening with agave nectar it creates a lower rise in blood sugars.

Any Enjoy Life Product is also really good. Check out their soft baked or crunchy cookies. They also have chewy bars and they also have Not Nuts seeds and fruit packs that are also very tasty!

Lara Bars also create a really good product that are grain free. They are called Renola, there's a link to my favorite one.

I also have really been enjoying Vegetable Chips from Simply Nature. Simple Truth also have a blend that is similar if not the exact same. It is "an exotic blend" of root vegetables. Sweet potatoes, taro, batata, and parsnip.

These are some of the things are take up residence in my cabinets.
Again these are all processed, but if pressed for time, or just feeling like you would like to make a good allergen friendly snack choice, these would all be perfect choices.

I will continue to update you on Hot Chocolate recipes as I search for the best one this upcoming winter season, but for now...The Real Food RN's, not bad!
Otherwise here are two other recipes that look just as delicious!
Free Coconut Recipes



Midwest Kim said…
I'm so with you on the not setting out Christmas garb this year. I just can'g do it. Let's be Scrooge's together. Bah Humbug!
Amanda Goe said…
I'm so glad I'm not the only one! At some point we'll get the tree out, but I'm thinking simplicity is better this year. Just not in the mood, for all the hub bub! LOL! BOO!
Anonymous said…
I have done the coconut whip cream and it is awesome!! We used it when making a trifle with strawberries, coconut, and gf cake. So basically strawberry shortcake, lol.

You could also sweeten with maple syrup. It might not be as thick?
Amanda Goe said…
Nice! Do you have the recipe for yours?
Anonymous said…
Oh I don't think so, just something I found online!
Amanda Goe said…
I found a couple recipes, I'll have to post them later this week or next.