Running for a Cure

Oh boy. What a day. Not a whole lot of sleep and a bit of rain this morning. I thought briefly about throwing in the towel but it would have been the first race I didn't accomplish or the first race I would have completely avoided. I kept thinking it's raining, a bunch of people aren't going to show up...might give me a chance at winning a spot for my age group.

Well...turns out I need a supervisor because I didn't check in and get my chip. I keep kicking myself for not grabbing it. I did about 26minutes+ for just under 3miles. Would have been a good race time, but alas...I'll never know.

All I can do now is shake it off

Today wasn't suppose to be about the medal or placing or winning an award. Today was about running for my 2nd cousin who is fighting cancer.

His name is Dominic, through the kidney cancer, the lesions, and then the brain cancer he keeps trying to DOMinate life. The brain cancer has been removed but he still has a very long journey ahead of him and could use all the prayers he could get. When he first started battling cancer part of the family got together and started creating survivor bracelets. After the race I wrapped mine around the Head for the Cure medal.

After the race got home and it turns out my hubby has a fever. Between house chores, making sure I dry off, making soup, taking temps, and running to the store it's easy to get overwhelmed with life.  
While I felt pretty good about deciding to go out in the rain and run anyway, I bet it doesn't feel half as good as beating cancer.

So this afternoon I decided to take some time, enjoy some soup, and say prayers of thanks for my good health and prayers for strength, and good Doctors for my second cousin and his battle.

Gotta try and nurse the hubby back to health and have both of us get some rest for the remainder of the day.

Blessings everyone.