Time Saving Recipes

I love when I can combine making two things at one time. For instance yesterday I made turkey burgers and BBQ chicken. I used the killer BBQ Sauce and placed it over 3 chicken breasts in a crock pot for dinner.

The George Foreman has lost some of it's non-stick coating so everything sticks to it. No. One. Has. Time. For. That.

I started using my stove top griddle to fry up the turkey burgers. Pretty good, but not grill good. Someone suggested using the broiler setting on my oven. I will have to try that next time.

I used the turkey burger recipe from use real butter (Use the link above) to make the patties. Used earth balance coconut spread to fry them in. (You don't have to use coconut spread, you can use an oil of choice or skip it completely when frying on the stove top.)

It equaled about 7 patties. I ate two for lunch with the Killer BBQ sauce I was making for dinner that night. It's nice to kill two birds with one stone. Using 1 sauce for 2 meals is not only money saving but time saving when you have the crock pot going at the same time as grilling up burgers. I wish I could be the person who batch cooks on the weekends, but not only am I a full time workin' lady, but between exercise, bible study, keeping up with friends and family...I don't have time to batch cook.

I get lucky when I can create a sauce for both dinner and lunch. When I can double the batch of waffles from Fake Ginger to make dinner and breakfast, I feel like I've won the lottery. I swear I have no idea why I'm obsessed with breakfast...probably because for a every long time, I thought I couldn't have it.

The secret behind this recipe though is, placing cut strips of bacon on the waffle iron to grill, before adding the batter. Cut bacon strips in half, place on griddle, cut until desired crispness, then add the batter on top. Cook till batter has turned a golden brown.

I topped my waffles with earth balance coconut spread, cinnamon, and stevia sugar. You can also use fruit, I recommend berries for PCOS. Berries are lower on the glycemic index chart.
If you are adding bacon to your recipe, I don't recommend using nut butter on the waffle as the waffle batter already has well...bacon, but melted coconut oil  in the batter for your "fat".

These waffles have about 7grams of protein (not including the bacon) and only 5 grams of carbs. Which is awesome for us PCOS-ers. However, in general they are healthy and taste great! Even the hubby chowed down on them. The recipe makes about 3 waffles, but I doubled the recipe, used a 1/4 cup to portion out the squares. I got about 8 waffles out of them.

I had enough for the hubby and I to have some for dinner, but I also had enough left over for breakfast tomorrow!

Tomorrow because of my unexpected mini batch making I now have breakfast and lunch ready to go!
Waffles with eggs in the morning and turkey burgers for lunch. Tonight I made spaghetti squash in the crock pot. I'll add sugar free marinara on top, to round out my lunch for a delicious Italian style meal.

It's nice to have at least part of my day ready to go. I'll get back to posting my weekly menu's tomorrow. It's all simple stuff, as I've been trying my best to save some money...but by using all organic ingredients and high quality food, I'm not sure how great I'm doing.
Either way, they are all meals that are easy to cook and SUPER delicious.

Blessings everyone,  thank you for reading!