Todays Post Brought to you by...

Pure Laziness.

I've been exhausted lately and after heavy lifting last week then running on Sunday, I tweaked my back muscles. I needed a minute to recuperate. I unfortunately skipped bible study on Monday but knew I needed to rest. I had a two hour nap! Boy that felt glorious! I have another 5k this Sunday and figured I should probably avoid heavy lifting for the remainder of this week as well.

Although I wanted and needed to workout today, I needed to figure out what I was going to do. I got down to my objectives. I needed a 30minute workout. Wanted to focus on abs, legs, and make it high intensity. All while watching television. I didn't feel quite like leaving the couch today.

Plus I got hooked into another show on Netflix yesterday, after my nap, LOL!

It's really good! I'm half way through season 1. Anyway...with all of my objectives in mind I set out to find an at home workout that was going to fill this tall order.

I discovered this on POPSUGAR. After uploading a tabata timer to my phone so I couch switch between exercises without having to keep resetting my timer on my phone, I got to work. Instead of watching the video over three times, I wrote down the exercises so I could also watch the show.

In the video she uses pillows for the overhead squat. I used my 5lb weights to up the game. I repeated this exercise 3 times. Took 30minutes. I also ended the workout with a 1.30second plank.

There are no excuses for getting healthy when you can complete 30minutes worth of exercise in front of your TV at home. It's a tough process but you can do this.

Alright everyone, I have REALLY got to start getting ready for work. I'll be back tomorrow. I have two new recipe/money saving ideas that you just might enjoy.