Weekly Food Menu

I'm juiced about the menu this week! I found a bunch of new recipes and then some from Pioneer Woman that I plan on "cleaning up" or making Paleo. So excited. Without further ado...

Breakfast- Paleo Taco Breakfast Bowl-- instead of beef I plan on using ground turkey instead of beef. Paleo Pumpkin Muffins with a vegetable egg white omelet. Both of these will carry me into next week. However, I think I am planning on adjusting the pumpkin muffin recipe a little bit-I'd like to take out the maple syrup and maybe even try to go sugar free! I'll keep you posted on that though.

Lunch- Left Over Hash (see dinner recipes) Left Over Coconut Curry Shrimp (This was SO DELICIOUS! I swapped the rice for cauliflower rice- to keep it low carb), Chickpea Ratatoullie with sauteed chicken breast, greens beans with hard boiled 4 eggs and 2-3 slices of bacon (The last two recipes will make about 5 meals)

Dinner: Salmon with vegetables and sweet potato chips, Salsa Chicken, Egg quesdilla's from Pioneer Woman. I swapped the tortillas for an allergen friendly one...I use sandwich petals!

, but if you have the time, I recommend attempting a homemade Paleo Tortilla. I also skipped the dairy in this recipe) Pioneer Woman's Potato Hash + Eggs, which I will also skip the dairy and red potatoes in this recipe You can replace the butter with coconut or olive oil. Spaghetti Squash Primavira from Lexi's Clean Eating Kitchen

Snacks are fresh fruit, vegetables, almond butter, smoothies with protein powder, hard boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, and if I REALLY need a treat I will have a Lara Bar or Enjoy Life bar.

Simple, easy, delicious, stuff this next week. I'm so looking forward to consuming all of it. For now, I need to get back to work!

Hope you enjoy some of these recipes as well everyone, I will probably go more in depth will some of the cooking instructions on how to "clean up" certain recipes later. For real though, try something new in the kitchen. It's always worth a shot. It grows your pallet and you might just try something you like.

Trying a new diet or recipe might seem overwhelming at first, and it probably is,  but eventually you'll become excited to try new things!

Gotta Go,


Anonymous said…
Looks good! I will for sure check out that taco bowl!