You are not alone

I feel like God put a story on my heart to share this week. It's been hard to try to figure out the actual construction of this post. I want to go about it in the best way possible. With protecting what's mine to protect but also encouraging those around me that might be struggling. Bear with're in for a long ride ;)

They (whoever 'they' are) say that life imitates art. Some people find it through, television/acting, painting, sculpting. It is all a form of art. Even baking is an art form. If you're truly passionate about something it becomes a work of art for you. We are God's artwork.

A lot of my friends and family...and sometimes myself included, think I watch to much TV. I always connected to acting and theater as a child and teenager. I enjoyed teaching it to grade school kids in vacation bible school as a young adult. I find stories I can connect with through my favorite shows and movies. Reading stories, enjoying plays...if you've read my blog with a bit of regularity you have noticed how often I relate film and television to my health and fitness journey.

While, it's not something I talk about often on this blog...if at all...I do want to acknowledge it. This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. Their theme this year is 'You are not alone'. Although sometimes, on this journey, it sure feels like you are.

I found ways to connect with other peoples stories by watching every movie related to infertility I could. (Up, Facing the Giants, The Odd Case of Timothy Green, The Longest Ride, Friends ((Chandler and Monica)) I could go on and on)
I read blogs of real life people who also struggled, Stirrup Queens, In Due Time, Great Expectations, Almost a Father...I could go on.

If someone thought it, wrote it out, acted it, it's because someone struggled with it. I could connect with those feelings that these women, these characters felt. It reminded me I wasn't alone...we were not alone. 

Not everyone will understand your journey, but you have to keep searching until you find someone you can connect with. Whether it's online through a forum like the resolve network or your bible study group, or seeking out a support group. Or simply and completely connecting through art.

God has really put it on my heart lately that, no matter what happens that everything will be okay. Each of these women, characters have their own stories. Some are still living out their journeys.

Holding onto hope can be hard, down right impossible. It can feel like Moving a Mountain...and it will seem like a long journey, because it will be a long journey...The only thing I can tell you for certain is that you are not alone.