Modern Day Forrest Gump

Who posts this late at night? Apparently I do. Going to be a short post tonight.

Have you seen this story yet? Real-life Forrest Gump finshes run across America .

"Patrick Sweeney’s cross-country trek – which covered the length of 127 marathons – was rooted in a bad break-up that prompted his life-changing hobby, Caters News reported.
Sweeney, 36, who actually hated running as a teen, began competing in 100-mile runs before deciding to embark on his epic journey. He wore only sandals or went completely barefoot to cover the 3,355-mile run from California to Boston. Starting Jan. 16, Sweeney traversed 14 states in 114 days, crossing the finish line on May 9. He also raised money for a charity 100-mile club that encourages kids to run or walk 100 miles at school during one school year." ~ Yaron Steinbuch

“I was worried about injury and the journey was tough at times, but giving up was never something I considered.”

 What a great encouraging story. 

Just keep pushing forward toward your goal. The journey may be long, it may be hard. But you can achieve your goals. 

Goodnight everyone,