Out of Commission Update

Even though I've been out of commission this last week or so I've been able to maintain my weight with diet alone. Meaning, I'm pretty sure I've found my perfect carb count for my body.

Which is a pretty huge deal if you have PCOS. Or even those of us who are insulin resistant. (Rather meaning my body doesn't use the insulin like it's suppose too.) Or check out the PCOS Foundation for more information.

It's been a tough battle though as I have developed a pattern and lifestyle for running. So much so that this weekend I had a dreams of running and how good it felt. I've been trying to walk a little bit but mostly just doing what I am suppose to be doing.

For me, on a low activity day about 140-160 carbs keeps me pretty balanced. That number will go back up to about 180 though when I can start pumping some iron again & running at my normal capacity. For now it's all low impact...such as this exercise.

See you don't have to sweat a ton in order to effectively work your muscles. You just have to figure out your goals. Do you want massive body builder muscles? Eat tons of lean protein and lift weights. (Okay it's not that simple but head over to body space body building for the truth on becoming a body builder.) Do you want to lose fat? Combine cardio and weight lifting. Do you want to strengthen your muscles? Try adding resistant bands to your workout. Do you want to run SUPER fast? So fast you'd pass the Flash?

Find your goal. It will be much easier to stick to being healthy when you discover what you want.

Mine has and always will be because I want to control my PCOS as much as possible. But also, I really, really. really love running.

Anyway, I'm off. Thank you all for following this crazy journey!
Blessings, A