Paleo Taco Seasoning from Rubies and Radishes

Tonight I got the chance to cook a large meal for my family. With it being Mothers day and my dad being stressed out from school, I offered to make dinner. I first asked what they wanted, as I aim to please, haha. Mom wanted something healthy, indicating my lunch that I had brought with me for the day.
I offered to make tacos. They're not only easy to make but quick and have a lot different options for healthy toppings.
I had been struggling with finding the perfect taco seasoning mix though.

This one was perfect! The last time I attempted taco seasoning mix by myself, my dad told me it tasted like Italian. Missed the mark on that one quite a bit. I get to experiment on my family sometimes, and the longer I keep at trying new things, the better I get. My mom was grateful for the help in the kitchen and my dad needed the day off. 3lbs of organic grass fed beef and this recipe, was finger licking good. Well, except no one got their fingers dirty luckily. 

Then for dessert instead of something store bought or trying to go crazy with making something completely from scratch, I chopped the tops of the strawberries, set out cool whip for everyone, (which I skipped) and viola! Dessert. Everyone was refreshed from eating a tasty healthy meal. Dad seemed to be a little less over whelmed with his school work and mom was just plain happy to have all her kids over. 
There was only enough for 1 taco at the end of the night. I'd say for having a Paleo-Style meal, I did pretty good for the family! (I'll admit that the rest of the family did have flour and corn chips, but the REST of it was totally paleo. I stuck to my sweet potato chips.) 

Alright everyone, I apologize this post is so late! I think I'm getting back in the groove of things. I can tell you though, life is not slowing down. I had to take a step back today and tell someone I wasn't going to make any plans for June until the end of May, beginning of June. I have to keep doing what's best for my stress level. 

Hope you all had a blessed day and I will be back tomorrow!