What makes an athlete?

I've been sort of out of commission lately and not practicing at my top level due to a pretty crazy schedule. Therefore, I won't be able to put in what I want to put in for my next few events but I will participate. It had me really bummed out but knowing that I want to be healthy for years to come not just the immediate future, I know I needed to take a step back from training for a bit.

This really got me to thinking about what makes someone an athelete? To me an athelete was always someone who got paid tons of money to do a particular sport, or someone who got to participate in the olympics. Certainly not me.

The defintion of an athlete is a person trained in or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

I think that means, I would fall under that catergory. I'm not gifted in any sport per say but I've worked really hard to be a decent runner. I love doing events! Does that make me an athelete?

What do the athlete's themselves say?

I've really idenfied as a runner, especially these last two years. Training and finishing my first half marathon was my greatest accomplishment yet. So while I haven't been able to give running my all lately, I am giving my all to life. I am preparing as an athlete for life. 

A few yoga sessions here, a walk or two there. Eating right and never "dieting". And praying. That's what's setting me up for the game of life.

Lolo Jones

Blessings everyone, 
Go be athlete's in the world. Never stop pursing your dream or your passion. I think that's what sports teaches us. That if you try hard, at some point you will succeed. You will reap what you sow, results will show. Maybe you won't win a medal or get sponorships and tons of money, but you'll be able to accomplish greatness within yourself. That is something to smile about.