Back on the Wagon! Return of Iron Woman

Tonight was a great night. 85 degrees, but we got out there and ran. Iron Woman hasn't run since about December and I'd taken quite a bit of time off since my last 5k in February.

It was slow, and somewhat grueling but it felt great. It felt like meeting up with an old friend. It helped put me a closer to center.

 Run Happy Hour...let's do this!

 Iron Woman Returns! 

And to top it off, I celebrated with the best pancake recipe I've found since...the low carb coconut waffle recipe I found. Now this is how to do pancakes.

It's from the PCOS Diva website, so you know it's healthy with whole ingredients. It's also incredibly delicious, and is a slower rise on blood sugar levels then traditional white flour pancakes. Also, the sugar used is whole maple syrup and coconut sugar instead of white sugar, which is also more healthy and friendly on the PCOS system. Well...anyone's system anyone. (Click the orange link for the recipe.)

Oh my gosh...I can hardly put my fork down it's so good...don't forget the bacon!

NOMS!!!! I doubled the recipe...but I would recommend just making separate batches as mine ended up a bit runny & I had to add more almond flour to mine recipe.

Since I doubled it I will be able to eat the rest in the morning...provided I don't eat them ALL Tonight! LOL

Well, I'm off...blessings everyone!