Back to Normal

With most of the house renovations done & the guests officially here, I should be back to posting to a fairly normal schedule. This week will be a bit crazy, what with a short work week, tons of clients, and a book club meeting! (Because I'm actually 90 years old on the inside.)

My workout schedule will be pretty decent too which also makes this girl pretty happy!

This weeks schedule will be (A 3mile run tonight...which I already did, it wasn't great, but I finished strong.) Tomorrow lift. Thursday a 2 mile easy run. Friday swim, and Saturday 4 miles! 4 on the 4th!!
Then Sunday will be a rest day will we get ready for our family BBQ! I'll try to post my Star Spangled Paleo list tomorrow. I'm pretty juiced about it.

Anyway, for more inspiration for the week check out this creative before and after shoot from Buzzfeed!

Hope you had a great weekend! Time to rise and grind, lol!!!
Blessing Everyone,