Cleared to run

I am cleared to start running again! Running really helps me manage my stress and channel my anxieties, so I can't wait to get back. I will be doing a run happy hour with Iron Woman, who also got cleared to run after her ankle injury! We'll be starting out slow. We'll probably take the 3 mile course at the Run Happy Hour but we might have to walk seeing as how both of us have been out of commission for a bit.

I've heard some really great running songs lately, so I've complied the list of songs I'll be listening to tomorrow while I struggle to get back to where I once was at.

Fight Song, Rachel Platten

Our God, Chris Tomlin

Boom Clap, Charlie XCX

Heatbeat Song, Kelly Clarkson

Remind Me who I Am, Jason Gray

Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammer

Ghost, Ella Henderson

Well these are a few of the songs anyway....

I gotta get out of here, but I will post pictures of the run tomorrow!