Day after leg day

I've had a month off and really I should be taking it slow getting back in the groove. Should being the word of the day there...

I got back at my Jaime Eason Program  .I didn't start slow, I didn't try to go back a week or a month and regain some ground I just jumped right back into week 11 with LEG DAY!!

I did 75 squats, 75 lunges (each leg), 75 dead lifts, 75 calf raises, and 75 leg presses. I basically did 2 sets of 30 each then 1 set of 15 each. All in all according to the Body Space App I lifted 232 pounds on Tuesday morning. Holy boy, am I paying for it today. Today was better because I went for a 2mile run this morning, so I was able to flush out a lot of the stiffness from the day before.

Bending over has been fun. Yesterday I dropped something and I whimpered when I bent over to pick it up.

I kicked my own butt at the gym and I don't regret one bit of it.

This week I've been trying something radical. I have not been logging my food. I'm trying to be mindful and not obsessive about my caloric intake. I am being mindful of low glycemic foods as well as keeping a running total in my brain of carbs for the day. I eat when I feel hungry and don't when I don't. Okay, so technically this is only day two, but I have found myself reaching for my phone to log my stuff.

I got to a weird place with logging my food, I needed to take a break. It's hard when you binge eat for stress though to be mindful. I think starting off tracking your food is a GREAT idea, it really helps you see what you are actually putting into your body, but when you start to obsess over the's time to take a step back. Tracking your food is good if you aren't eating enough or you are eating to little, but after having religiously logging my food for almost 2 years, I needed a break. And that's okay to do once in a while.

I did weigh myself this morning to see where I was at, I'm still within my range of what makes me happy but I definitely feel with a month off, I've gone soft in a few places. Going to tighten back up.

Today's post may have been more of a dear dairy, here's my fitness life today, but overall the important thing to remember is to be mindful. You don't have to count your macros unless you training for something specific. And try not to be obsessive. You're in this for life, not for a certain dress size or an upcoming event. You're doing this to become more healthy, not just look better.

I should be back tomorrow to post...depends on the house renovations.
Blessings everyone,