Paleo Campfire food.

Unfortunately I didn't get any great pictures of the process of cooking burgers over an open flame but I do have a decent recipe to share!

Apparently people call these hobo meals...have you heard of these?

You take a wide strip of aluminum foil toss in whatever you like, wrap it up, and cook until soft...depending on how much you put in it, it can take forever, but I kept mine pretty simple.

I grabbed a long strip of aluminum foil, I placed two hamburger patties side by side and seasoned them. You can put whatever you like on them but I suggest onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, a little cayenne pepper for a kick, a pinch of salt,  (About 1tsp of each to get flavor but no more than 2tsp) then fold the aluminum foil around the burger.Completely around. Almost so that you cannot see the burger.

Enjoy the fireside and time with company...I figured cooking the burgers like this was a lot like broiling them, so I cooked mine for about 10 minutes, cook till 12-14 to make sure they are absolutely not pink in the middle though--I had to put mine back to cook longer. I flipped a couple times.
You don't want to put the foil food packet directly on the fire, but on the burning coals is highly suggested.

You can top the burgers with tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and try some of these sweet potatoes from snapguide. You can add mushrooms if that's your thing as well. The possibilities are endless!

Also check out 100 Days of Real Food for more clean eating foil packet meal ideas!

Don't forget breakfast. We actually didn't stay in the canyon this last weekend but had we, I might have cooked up something like this Paleo Breakfast Scramble from Following In My Shoes.

Someday I'll head over to Urban Poser and Attempt to Make Marsh mellows...I haven't had a s'more in forever...

I would melt them and put them over an Enjoy Life chocolate bar! Sandwiched between Zenbellies Paleo Sweet Cinnamon Graham Crackers

I'm making myself hungry again...already...gotta get back to work. Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

Remember it starts in the kitchen! The gym helps you get fit but good food keeps you healthy!

Blessings Everyone,