The Runner and her Mechanic

Iron Woman got called into work tonight, so I was going to fly solo to the Run Happy Hour here in town. However, I made very bad, very wrong food choices over the weekend, and I was having some trouble with my guts.

I'll try not to be too graphic, but the truth is I succumbed to some temptation after a very-very long and stressful week and decided to treat myself. While I've never been diagnosed as a celiac, I know for sure that I am pretty sensitive. I told my sister, the next time I am that stressed, let me eat a treat just not that much, and not full of the bad stuff.

By noon though, and after copious amounts lemon water, I was feeling much better. So much so that I was planning on a nice 2 mile run to get back into stride. The hubby himself wanted to go with...he thinks he can run faster than me. The truth is, he can. But only for short distances. I was clear about my expectations for the night.

I am going, on a 2 mile run. I was worried he wouldn't be able to keep up.

 I was actually pretty surprised that he kept pace for the first mile. Almost the entire mile, anyway. He had to stop and catch his breath at the very-very end of the first mile. Our differences couldn't be more...apparent on the run. The man doesn't even own a pair of shorts...or sweat pants. H wore "walking" shoes, a shirt that said "real men smell like diesel" and jeans.

Compared to my running pants, tank, hat, Aesics. Arm band with music. I was pumped and ready to go. My system feels so cleared now.
My soul feels better.

 It was a great day for a run. Humid, but I've run in worse. The man hasn't...he need to catch his breath after that first mile. I ran for another half mile while he caught his breath, then we walked another mile.

It was a good night. We needed it.

Like I said, it had been a long hard week.

My secret goal will be to get him up another mile...then another...then another...

::winky face::

Gotta go everyone,