Throwback Thursday:: The beginning

I was going through some of my old letters I had written to a close took me back 3 years. Reading the letters, and knowing where I sit today...I had to share.

(Please to don't judge me... I wasn't as articulate then as I kind of am now, ::winky face::)

"Guess what? I lost another pound! In the past 4.5 years(ish) I’ve lost 30lbs!!! Technically speaking let me calculate. Okay the real calculation is 28lbs in 2.7 years. That is the correct answer. Lol, had to think about my last two doc appointments and what I’ve lost since the last one. Still working on my 5k. I can officially RUN two miles without stopping... kind of I did have to put my feet on the side of the treadmill for a few seconds so I could get some water but I finished out strong. Mom keeps telling me I’m doing things the right way. I am taking it off slowly and keeping it off and that’s what counts. It’s annoying to me when people want to lose 30lbs in 2months. It’s doable but it’s hard and more often than not the weight is going to creep back up and you’re in that same spiral {that} you were in a few months ago."

3 years later, 52 more pounds lost, 2-2 miler events, 13-5ks, 1-5miler, 1 lazy man triathlon, 1 mini triathlon, 1-10k, 1-Warrior Dash, 1 Murph, and my most proudest half marathon.

Don't forget the countless hours of training and preparation. I guess I am kind of a warrior, huh? ;)
Seriously...if I can do can do this. 

Now I just can't wait to get back out there.