15 Habits of People Who Have Effectively Lost 20-30lbs and Kept it Off

I read this great article over at Organize Yourself Skinny (where the picture is from). 15 Habits of People who Have Effectively Lost 20-13lbs and kept it off.

One of biggest obstacles to losing weight is creating healthy habits. Habits that will change your life. That's why you should focus on a lifestyle change and not just a weight loss plan. I love the habits that Tammy highlights in her blog post. Taking note and realizing that I have also developed a lot of these habits. Here's a run down of some of my favorites.

2.Develop routines and make it your lifestyle
3. Eat Clean(er) Foods-- this is a good one. It's a great place to start when starting a weight loss plan. Cut the overly processed foods but keep whole, natural, foods.
5. Practice Portion Control -- I tend to get crazy with carbs. I could eat a whole bag of chips or half a package of cookies without thinking about it. I can overeat my vegetables. Sometimes I'll two hamburgers...I just don't always pay attention. When I pay attention to what's on my plate I don't feel bloated or overly full afterwards.
6. Track your food- Myfitnesspal, or this new lifestyle change I'm attempting, tracking my macros.
7. Prioritize your workouts- Always find time to lift, run, dance, move...whatever it is. If you can't find the time, make the time. You'll never regret a workout. Just the ones you miss.
8. Eat every few hours! I eat somewhere between 2 to 4 hours. It really just depends on the day and what I have time for. But it helps stabilize my blood sugar levels, keeps me from getting HANGRY! Mostly...especially if I PLAN my food ahead of time!
9. Find healthy substitutions for favorite foods
10. Stay Hydrated!
11. Do your best to plan meals and snacks ahead of time
13. Have a max weight for the scale-- You're weight will flux up and down throughout the week. My doctor once told me you could carry up to 7lbs of stool in you at any given time...so maybe give yourself a top number for the week and if you go over it, start back at one. I give myself a bit of a tight flex. Only 5lbs. Right now I'm one pound over my 5 pounds. I need to get back on track!

Check out her full list though! It's a great read and has tons of helpful habits as well as sites for further information. 

And remember slow and steady wins the race. Sustainable weight loss takes time and allows for you to create healthy habits.