5 year difference

Tonight's Mini Motivation. My beautiful sister and I. 120lb loss between the two of us. While I'm maintaining my beautiful sister is working towards another 40lbs down.

A very determined woman. She's quit smoking. (For almost 2 years now). She's working on obtaining her BA in Business. She's been on the dean's list 65 million times. She moves mountains every day through her strength and her dedication to becoming more healthy.

She's always been beautiful to me. Always had her nails done just right, perfect makeup. A feat I just barely conquered at 28. And her heart has always been as a big as the sky.

To my beautiful sister. I love you. You got this!



Anonymous said…
SARAH! You look awesome! I am so proud of you both!!
Sarah Norton said…
Thank you, Aunt Amy. I'm proud of my sister, too!!!
Nicki Cone said…
You both are beautiful and awesome. I'm proud of you guys. *hugs*
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you beautiful!
Hugs back!