Abs aren't real

Keeping it short for this Mindful Monday. This last week my beautiful amazing sister in law...the bodybuilder, made the comment that people kept asking her where her abs were.

She had abs before her competition but after they have gone back to hiding. She explained how it takes a lot of dedication and fitness education to get abs the right way. To show them off, like she was able too! However, with it being an off season...her abs aren't as defined. That looking like that isn't a real thing, at least all the time.

It really helped me let go that I don't need killer abs.

However, the incredibly hot woman (my sister in law) has made comments that she can't wait to get back into competition mode. To look like she did right before competition. It instantly reminded me of this Melissa McCarthy Quote.

Think instead of being happy with yourself. Accepting yourself for who you are.

Be healthy, but more importantly, be happy with who you are. Are you happy with yourself? If the answer is no, start telling yourself that you love how you look. And tell yourself that everyday until you start believing it. And do what makes you happy...but remember happiness is a risk. It's hard. Oddly enough. Happiness being hard.
Working out is hard. Losing weight is hard.

Be happy, Be healthy