Angry Runner Rant + Product Review

I've been having this issue with my Samsung phone lately, where literally right around mile 3 it tries to connect to some invisible dock and my music COMPLETELY shuts out.

I have NO IDEA how people run without music. No really...please tell me, because I just can't. My last 3 runs have been killed by this.

It only happens when I use map my run too. So I don't know if it's the app or if it's the phone... either way...incredibly irritating and REALLY had to train when I have to turn my phone off and on and off and on...Verizon hasn't been helpful, so it might be just the app?

I will try to use Nike+ app tomorrow when I run and see if it does the same thing...I have 4 miles to run tomorrow.

I did get to try the glycofuse this morning for my 5 mile run!

It is a powder simple carb drink. I need the carbs to fuel my body.

I'm always scared to try new things, but the drink was enough of a "snack" (due to the carbs) before and mid run, that I was motivated to go. Plus another high in carbs scares me.

For my PCOS for 2 years I've believed low carb, low carb, low carb! But after talking to a nutritionist last year it's more of a low glycemic diet than a low carbohydrate diet. However, simple carbs such as the Glycofuse or even a powdered Gatorade drink helps your body use the energy it needs for really tough workouts and long runs.

Before my run I made french toast in the crock pot...that venture did not go well by the I won't be sharing that recipe. (Unless mushy bread is your thing then post in the comment section and I'll send you the link) However, I had a serving and a half of that, then the Glycofuse before and mid run along with the yoli passion drink (for some extra energy).

I wasn't starving after my run...and better head rushes. I had been having that problem, I quite simply just wasn't getting enough carbs.

So instead of hating carbs or completely loving them, I have to figure out how to work with them. That's why Ms. Fitness has now set me up with an ultimate plan for counting my adding a simple carb drink into my work out plan. Although, until I can afford Glycofuse, Ms. Fitness did state that I could pick up powdered Gatorade to help. Which is what I will try to do this week.
It's really all science here people...and math...BUT simple math. LOL

I'll keep you posted on that through the week as I will be attempting to start meal prepping AND counting macros...BUM BUM BUMM!!!

Until then, see you next time, thank you for stopping by! Hope everyone had a great Sunday Runday!