First 5 miler this year

I've been questioning using cliff shot bloks again this year. I know how much energy they give me, and personally I think they are completely fine for training but I wanted something even more natural and without the caffeine.

Fooducate gives Shot Bloks a anywhere from a C- to a B- not bad. They do use added sugar though. About 3 tsp. 

When I was training for the half last year, I had heard about using dried fruit as an energy boost. Last night while at the store I found a product called 'That's It'.

Literally it's two servings of fruit. That's it! Really! Fooducate website gives them anywhere from a B- to a an A! I went with the April and Apricot. I figured it was worth a shot...I didn't intend for that...get it...shot bloks...give it a shot...anywayyyyyy...
Half way through my 5 miler I stopped at my jeep to grab the bar and to drink some of Yoli Fun drink...I'm sure I've talked about this before. It's a lot like a Gatorade. No sugar, no caffeine-- check it out. I ate half the bar. It's really good! It really fueled me for the rest of my run! Or it would have if my STUPID phone wouldn't have decided to connect to a dock that wasn't there!! WHAT??? Yeah, I'm headed up to the store it figure that out because no way I'm putting up with that again!
On Sunday, my Ms. Fitness talked me into trying Glycofuse--which has 25g of carbs but being the nutritional professional she stated you need the simple carbs for faster digestion to replenish and restore energy your burning. Otherwise it takes from your reserved energy carbs and if you don't have enough there it takes from your muscles. 

Need to stay motivated and having enough carbs and energy helps!

Today I had 5 egg whites + 1/2 cup of oatmeal and a teaspoon in honey, plus a Yoli passion drink.  I stay pretty fueled. 

I gotta go. 
Blessings everyone,