My 2nd 4 Miler this year

Since I am at the beginning-ish of my training schedule for the quickly approaching 10k, I got my booty up early and ran. It was a beautiful day for it!

It was a weird run though...the course was flat. I've run it many times for other training purposes. I was slow, but it felt great. I was 4 minutes slower than I was on Saturday. I also didn't hit a wall either.

I felt great after the run. Mentally I don't feel like I could have done any better. I made sure I did a few walking recoveries in the middle of the run...if that's such a thing...basically I walked when I needed to walk. Rather, I powered walked two hills, and two quater miles. Still...not bad. I finished with a negative split! Well...I ran my last mile faster than my first but the 2 in the middle were a little questionable.

But I did it, I got it done!

4 since Saturday I've run 11 miles this week...if I'm including Saturday. So definitely working on getting my miles back up there. Every step is a journey. Each run is story. I'm feeling pretty good right now...runners high maybe? LOL...nahhh...just know that my soul is calm and there's a smile on my face.

If you're not a runner I'm sure I bored you with my story today, the next two days I'll be lifting so check back! I'll also try to post some new recipes in the coming weeks as I'm also getting back  in the kitchen as well.

Even though I'm all zened out my brain is not easily distracted...just spent 5 minutes on etsy looking for my next race day present for Iron Woman, LOL sssshhhh!! We'll see if she reads this post!

Blessings everyone,