Runner Counting Macros Part 1

I want to take off 6lbs. After my month off from exercising then followed by a few weeks off from my diet getting back on track...again...again... ...again...

Luckily for the last two years I've maintained around the same weight but it's always a good idea to get back on track Especially when you start to feel yourself slip. I'm just outside my goal range

And no matter how much I exercise the most dramatic change I've seen with my weight has been with food.

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The lifters started me on the counting marcos program. Oddly, it's working. I've only been at it about for under a week. 

I was aiming for 40% carbs, 40% protein, 20% fat, but it never really worked and mostly I didn't know how. Ms. Fitness calculated out that a good starting point is 35% x 3.
Figuring out my grams in everything is taking some math but they plan too walk me through a meal prep and show me if I'm doing it right. 
I'll try to talk more about this later when I can.
For now, here's a delicious recipe that I cooked tonight! 
Only I used green peppers instead of poblanos, from Whole Family Strong.