In order to get back on track with healthy eating I went to the store to pick up some snacks. I wanted to pack it with as many protein options as I could, a few fats, and littler carbs.

I ended up with a decent array.

1 bag of Pumpkin Seeds
2 Alt Protein Lara Bars
1 bag of Sweet Potato Chips
1 can of mixed nuts, which I mixed with some cranberries
1 can of salted caramel almonds...girls got a sweet tooth
The mints I already had, but they are soy free so I try to keep them on hand.
Then when I'm tired of water 1 thing of liquid white cherry stevia from skinny girl to enjoy

Not paleo.

What I do have in the fridge though are hard boiled eggs, baby carrots, and green beans. (Which, I'm getting hungry & will probably cut this short to go eat that!)
It's a decent mix, the Lara Bar's are pretty a meal in themselves though. With only 10grams of protein and 30 grams of carbs, and 200+ in calories, I need to save those for when I'm having a crazy busy day and don't have a ton a time to enjoy a super healthy snack such as the eggs and vegetables.

It's worth it make yourself a basket to keep at work if you can...or a drawer. It doesn't have to be packed with candy! You can definitely get different flavored nuts, seeds, and even healthy chips...not vegetable straws, but chips, from REAL vegetables & no additives. Plus a good trail mix of mixed nuts and dried fruit is a great pick me when you need a quick snack but a balanced snack.

Alright, I'm off to snack now...