Unbelievably Stressed--emotional eating battle

There's been this heap pile of stress that I've been under. I'm not sure it's going away yet either, but the key is how I react to it.

I'm doing my best to just give it God and let it go. There's only so much I can do about each tiny little thing that's bothering me. I've dealt with the phone as best as possible, hopefully we get something figured out soon. We had an appliance break, thank God for Craig's List finds...but the pressure is almost insurmountable right now.

You know what won't fix it? Food. Or Wine.

I can almost hear some of you calling my bluff, but seriously as someone who likes too, or rather did eat for comfort...it's only going to satisfy you for a little while. Just like the wine.

I keep thinking, I deserve a cookie because I've had a bad day.

But that's not truth. What's the cookie going to do? It's not going to hold me and tell me that this too shall pass. It's not going to remind me that I am loved no matter the outcome. In fact it might even make me feel worse about myself. I'm trying to take off those 5lbs I put on, and in order to do that I can't let my emotions dictate what goes on my plate. 

I just started a bible study this morning on Food. It's a short one, barely I week I believe. I will keep you posted on the progress of it.

Real Simple has a great article on the Facts about Emotional Eating.

It's a tough process to come out of. Today I have resolved to eat when I'm hungry. Watch my carbs, pray, and drink as much water as possible instead of eating a box of cookies, or even one cookie.

I will be an over comer.