Week 5 Training 10k

This weeks miles, 4 today--in the wicked heat...hill training. It wasn't pretty. Took forever...and was really more of a long grueling walk with a few patches of running mixed in.

That's pretty much what that looked like...all the heat and the walking. It was awful...then when I was attempting to run through the woods I had the thought, Please Lord, don't let me find a body in the woods. Early morning joggers always find bodies in the woods...better yet, please don't let me be the body in the woods from all the heat. Amen.

I survived though. My fastest mile today? 12minutes...10 seconds...but I got it done. My brain enjoyed the the run. Well I am off, running away to enjoy the rest of the day.

"There will be shelter to give you shade from the heat by the day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain." Isaiah 4:6