Wordy Wednesday

It's been awhile since I've done a really good wordy Wednesday or even a hint of a motivation post. For that I am sorry. My mind has been else where and it's been hard getting it back on track.

My goal for the summer was to read the bible in it's entirety. To flex my spiritual muscle and not just my physical muscles. Cover to cover, in 90 days. As designed by the bible app I use on my phone...however, I'm behind.

WAY BEHIND. I'll be lucky if I finish by the end of September. I'm trying to push through though.

One fun fact that I came across a week or two ago...(I am hoping at this point you kind of get my sense of humor.) in Deuteronomy 28, when you disobey God...you become a zombie.

Creepy huh? When I first heard it (I like to listen to the bible to and from wherever I'm going...) I thought, how creepy! Then I thought "ha! People become zombies when they disobey God!"

And not just in the physical sense but also in the mental and spiritual sense. You become dead to the world. To goodness and light. You spot seeing what's right in the world and everything becomes one thing. You seek out what pleases the flesh.

But staying in communication with God, praying, reading your bible, you're able to remain hopeful. To keep moving forward, to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

A lot like your diet and lifestyle. If you eat like crap you feel like crap. If you constantly eat what you crave (the bad stuff--cake, cookies, chips, etc.) then you deteriorate your health on the inside of your body.
There have been studies done between the mind/body connection. Even the guts and the mind. I know that before I ate a PCOS Amanda friendly diet, I felt horrible and acted horrible. I'm so much more clear now. Better thinking, more positive attitude. But I have to stay vigilant. I do my best. That and works for me.

So even though I won't finish the bible in 90 days, my prayer life and my food life have been getting back on track,