2 recipes & a Story

I didn't mean to vacate for the weekend. It was packed though. Between a monster truck show, a rodeo, work, getting in another long run, hitting my neighbors mailbox...yeah...that too. At least they were nice about it! LOL

It was enough to drive me batty everything that happened this weekend, but I am back! I have been a stellar chef in the kitchen though!

Then I have my very own creation I made, but will share with you on Thursday. Think traditional shepherds pie meets BBQ meets paleo. Trust me, you'll want this recipe.

One thing I did learn on my 3 days from being unplugged was a good running mantra. While at run happy hour on Monday, I noticed I was keeping pace with an older gentlemen. He kept monitoring me to pass him. However, I really like the pace I was going and wasn't quite ready to move faster yet. We ended chatting during our run...which trust me, I'm usually the first person to scream "STRANGER DANGER!"

However, with my dad accompanying me on this group run, and having a bunch of others around, I wasn't too worried about him. He is a retired air force man and during our run he taught me some drills. 

Such as counting every other left foot strike. So 1 left foot, strike left foot, 2 left foot, strike left foot...
Otherwise known as left, left, left, right, left...but if you can keep pace with what you're counting, it's pretty amazing to see your feet/body keep pace.

He also taught me when taking hills to shorten your stride. "Head up, shoulders back, pull the rope(with your hands..although am I pulling down on the rope or towards me? I never did ask.) feet flat. All day, everyday." Or something to that effect. LOL

I had a feeling this was also God's way of telling me that I need to slow down and pay more attention to what's going on around me. So while I wasn't happy to play air man recruit to the sergeant, I was happy to learn a new trick or two and appreciative of taking in my surroundings. He did instruct me to run the hill again using the mantra...I happily did so, as I went back to look for my dad. 

It was so wonderful to complete a full run without stopping and walking. Although another thing the gentleman taught me last night is "It doesn't matter how fast you go, as long as you go." And I can promise you, any runner will tell you the exact same thing. 

I do have my phone back in working order now. Hoping I'll be able to complete another good run this weekend. 

I'll be back to tomorrow for Meal Planning Wednesday, Thursday my new recipe, I won't be posting Friday as I have a run that night, but will try to post something short and motivational. Saturday-pictures from the run!!! Sunday I'll be talking about tricks for enjoying the long run!

Blessings everyone!