Incorporating some lifters knowledge

Or maybe I'm incorporating a nutritionists knowledge? Either way, Mr. & Mrs. Fitness have me eating at least 5 times a day. Pretty much like a hobbit.

This is definitely something I can get used too!

I eat higher carbs every morning...meaning instead of 20 I know eat 40-50grams of carbs depending on if I'll be exercising or not. 30 grams of protein and I think 12grams of fat per meal. Ms. Fitness stated I didn't have to be exact on these numbers, since I'm not training for a fitness competition, but to get close is recommended.
I've only lost 1lb so far of the 6 I am wanting to lose. I have held solid for the last 3 days though with maintaining, which is spectacular because I was SO BAD on Monday. LOL, but we all have those days. I promised myself to eat really good the rest of the week and then get those onion rings I've been craving after the run on Friday.

Not being a lifter, I will try to explain as articulately as possible on how to count your macro's later this week. I'll try to get pictures and then break it all down for you as best as possible either this week or next week. But will keep you posted. I did finally finish that bible study on food on my bible app. It wasn't great. There were no encouraging words or devotionals...just verses. Good verses! But not a lot of content leading up to it.

Well, with that lengthy is this weeks meal plan. It will look a little different then previous weeks because I'm incorporating 5 meals into my day instead of just 3 meals and 2 snacks...although...looking at my meal plan now...I'm still short a meal.

Keeping in mind that I am aiming for 35% carb, 35%protein, and 30%fat grams with each meal...I'll break this down further when I actual talk about macros later.


Low Carb Waffles, Raspberry Almond Pancakes, Oatmeal, Cereal, Lemon Blueberry Scones.
6 eggs every morning for breakfast (Although I think I am going to play with this a little bit, my breakfasts have been really heavy lately and I feel swollen and slow when I we'll see.)

Meals 2,3, and 4 (I'm starting to batch cook a little, so a lot of these meals will double or triple and will be eaten again.
Still have a head of cauliflower I need to use-- I want to make this vegan pizza crust then top it with chicken and tomatoes and maybe spinach...
Paleo Stuffed Pepper, Turkey Meatballs+Simple Marinara+Spaghetti Squash, Broiled Salmon + Vegetable, Scrambled Egg White Sandwich (Just as it sounds, no recipe for this but will post pictures later.) Shredded Chicken+Green Beans+Bacon+Hard Boiled Eggs (I'll post this simple recipe as well). Shredded chicken + apple + almond butter, and about 4 left over dinner meals.

Dinner:: 1 cheat meal, gluten free pizza (just box kind--nothing fancy here.) Homemade taco seasoning using this blend to season meat. Slow cooker BBQ Chicken--use the link recipe but replace the pork for chicken. Broiled Fish + Vegetable, Broiled Pork Chop + Vegetable, Low Carb Burger Salad (I skip the mustard and mayo & just use avocado + red onion + fried egg), Shredded Chicken Salsa

Huge list! I can't believe I get to eat so much! But it's been pretty worth it, so is definitely time to eat. I will do my best to post a few recipes and/or pictures tomorrow of what my day looks like...a runner with a lifters diet, lol.