Mircoblog Monday

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I live with PCOS. Otherwise known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, meaning...well specifically for me (as it's different for EVERY woman who has PCOS) that I live with insulin resistance, acne, tiredness, moodiness, and irregular cycles, as well as (formerly) being obese aka couldn't lose weight for anything! You can click the PCOS tab at the top of the page to find more resources for all things related to PCOS as well as other blogs.

I really enjoy getting the PCOS Diva newsletters/emails. I highly encourage you to sign up for it. Having found my greatest weight loss success came from finding the right balance of carbs and medicine aka metformin.

While, I have found success, I still love reading over articles about food and PCOS. This last one I received in my inbox was about Intermittent Fasting, the Pros and Cons. 


While I decided for me, intermittent fasting is a no go, it was nice to read and help me reaffirm why I decided not to do it. However, I do encourage you to read the article to find out if it MIGHT work for you.


P.s. oops, that was longer than 8 sentences ;)


Mali said…
My niece - also an Amanda - has PCOS too, and struggles with her weight. I might pass on your blog to her.

As for me, I don't have PCOS and struggle with my weight. Sigh!
It's my first hearing about PCOS Diva. Glad to know there are specific resources like her out there.
Amanda Goe said…
Lollipop- I love her, I also downloaded her free app! While I've been in the PCOS game for about 2 years it's always good to keep learning and keep growing.
Amanda Goe said…
That would be awesome! Thank you!
My aunt struggles with hers as well, it is definitely a family issue we battle. She chronicles her journey, as well as her life over at http://knt2gthr.blogspot.com/