My Top Ten Tips for Race Day

I am going to keep it short tonight, but as I was training this weekend, I started to think about all the things I need to remember about Race Day. Like, setting out my bag, no alcohol for up to two-three weeks before race day, up my water me to thinking about what would my top ten tips be for race day?

From all the races I've done, I'm still not sure I haven't gotten it completely together but here's what I CAN tell you for sure for race day itself.
1. HYDRATE well the two weeks leading up to the race. You're body will thank you! 

2. Get your gear together the night before. Set your bags out, fill your water jug, make sure you have your race bib, safety pins, heck if you can--male your breakfast the night before, that way you only have to warm it up and go.

3. Set your alarm, and set a 2nd and 3rd alarm--just in case.

4. Don't try anything new. Don't wear anything new. If you've been training in capri pants, don't run in shorts. If you're used to drinking water at the half way mark, don't hit the first water station you see. Don't eat anything new before the race. Stick to your training. Stick to what you know. It will help calm your nerves on race day.

5. Be confident. You've been training for this day. Have some motto's ready to go--"You're lapping everyone on the couch." "You can do this, you are doing this."  Don't psych yourself out. I tend to freak out training, and so far on race day I just get nervous.

6. Which leads me to my next point, the race day pee. Use the bathroom before the race, just in case. I had to stop 3 miles into my half last year because I didn't think I needed too, but by mile 3 I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it. Use the bathroom at home and use it again when you get there. Just in case. 

7. The common thing to do is have a BIG dinner the night before, but again--don't try anything new. I have a regular dinner, Meat, vegetable, probably a piece of toast or sometimes I have spaghetti.
However, I try not to have anything SUPER heavy because then it sits in my tummy and I'm uncomfortable trying to sleep + nervous! I eat my high carb meal 90mins before the race. I use the fuel to push me. I have eggs, usually oatmeal, apple + pb, and an energy drink or shot blok.
But stick with what you've been practicing or eating before your runs.

8. To keep yourself somewhat motivated, if the crowd isn't to large pick out two people that you want to beat. OKAY, I know this is definitely a tip you won't see on many people's list, lol, but I'm telling you every race day, I pick two people and try to keep an eye on them. While running if I have someone within my general vicinity, I think "I'm going to beat you."
IF they start to get too far ahead OR too far behind, time to pick another person to beat. But it will keep you moving forward believe it or not.
I mean you can try and be self motivating by reciting your motto that you've picked out--which is also totally fine. You've don't have to be competitive as me. Plus I continually pick people just a tad slower than myself, lol ;) Keep your edge though and also pick someone who might be at your pace to see if you can beat them,

Or, you know...this...

9. DON'T GO CRAZY IN YOUR FIRST MILE! The race is not won within the first mile. It's perfectly okay to start slow and end quick! That is what seasoned runners call a negative split. When you run your second mile faster than your first!

10. ENJOY THE DAY! You've been training for this day for a while. You've put lot of work into this moment, into this day. You can do it! It's been worth the struggle. The last thing you want to do is have negative energy on race day. Go in with a smile. Get caught up in the moment, and relax. You can do this! You're going to love the day even more if you can just have fun. Always make that your first priority.

Alright everyone, I am off to bed.