The Weigh In to Weigh Back ;)

I've been struggling. I thought my diet was back on track. The scale tells me something different. I am trying not to get to discouraged, as my clothes still fit pretty well, but my little pooch is back.

Living with the weight lifters has me restructuring my diet a little, but the chaos or rather hectic life I've had the last week or so has led to some poor choices. I off and on was attempting to weigh my food in an effort to count my macros. While I still think it's a great idea, honestly even a $15 scale is out of my budget. I could be SUPER old school and go the grocery store looking route for $10, but who wants that gaudy thing to be hanging out on their kitchen counter? (I should be so blessed that I can make decisions like this, weighing my food while others go hungry? Counting my blessings.Check out No Kid Hungry to donate to a local child near you who might be struggling.)

As I was driving to work this morning and mentally calculating how I was going to pay 3 bills, dividing money and remembering when they were due, I was contemplating trying to squeeze in buying a $10 scale.

The Weigh In: While I don't look like I need to lose weight, I do need to start watching what I eat. I took a good long look at what I was eating, and I can honestly say I've had WAY more sugar/treats/snacks/cheats and wine in the last two months then I have had in two years. I haven't been lifting as much. I've been more dedicated to training for my 10k and even then I haven't dedicated as much time as I have needed to, to that. My training is getting better, but I certainly have not been eating like I am training.

Weigh Back:: (Get it instead, of way back?) As I was contemplating hammering out bills and realizing that I wasn't going to be able to snag a decent scale, I thought about all the success with previous dieting/clean eating experiences I've had in the past.

How the HECK did I lose 80lbs but can't seem to take off 7lbs? I was eating 3 big meals, 2 small meals, and mostly protein/vegetables, fruit and every now and again grains. And a LOT of fat! Believe it or not. A ton of fat! (I'm not a scientist, so I'm not saying that's the BEST way to go about it. Lean meat and clean fat is what you really want:: aka avocados, olive oil, coconut oil.)

I felt pretty good on the Paleo diet. Well semi-paleo diet as I ate some grains here and there.

I like this idea of eating 5 square meals a day (instead 3 meals and 2 snacks), I'm fuller longer, no crash during the day. I feel fueled for workouts, I don't feel like passing out after running long distances. (Not enough carbs before and after running, you know because at some point, I learned that carbs are the devil. which they're not, just a certain amount, can be.)

So...I'm going back to basics. Still going to log my food but starting August 24th, I am going to do a second attempt at the 21 Day Sugar Detox, eek! Well, a sort of modified version...but I'll get to that next week. Giving myself a start date will allow me to start purchasing less processed stuff, as well as cleaning out my cabinets of the sugar and where it may be hiding. As well as buckling down and be dedicated to counting carbs!

I will keep you posted!

With love,


Amy Caroline said…
I have been thinking about doing a Whole 30 or Sugar Detox too. I have some weight to loose and just can't get over this hump. It is driving me nuts. So I feel you!