10 Motivating Quotes for PCOS Awareness Month

I can hardly wait till next week to start sharing all the Halloween inspired workouts I have found! I'm super pumped, I wish it was October today! But, I'm going to make us all wait till next week to share the fun!

Onto today's post.

Rounding out the last of PCOS Awareness month I thought it might be kind of fun to share my top 10 favorite motivating quotes from other PCOSers, as well as just some quotes that have inspired my journey to keep fighting.

The Lord is my strength. I only have hope during this journey because of him. My strength and my hope come from God, who has a never ending amount. On days when I don't quite feel so strong, or hopeful I look to the one who from who it flows.
(With Great Expectation)

PCOS is a tough journey. So much comes along with it. Learning how to eat healthy, learning how to eat differently than you had been. Finding joy in exercising. Accepting yourself and your body. Accepting what it has to offer and forgetting the rest. This is what creates the fight, that not everyone can see. Most days the struggle is internal and it's in my mind. Some days I just need to lie on the couch to rest. That's not be being lazy, that's me finding peace of find.

Check out my top 5 lessons I learned from my Health Journey with PCOS. I'm rereading it now, and it really reminds me of what I've learned and how far I've come.
My favorite. #5 I have PCOS, PCOS DOES NOT have me! 

And for those days when things just don't go my way...I remember, I'm creating my own path.
Blessings Everyone,