Acne Update:: PCOS Awareness Month

If you've been reading my blog long enough you know one of the symptoms associated with PCOS that I struggle with is, acne

I've tried EVERYTHING! All the different face washes...I've even tried medicine from the dermatologists office, but due to certain medications I can't take the dermatologist the creams and the pills they gave me, suck! Made me feel icky, and did awful things to my face FOR WEEKS!

This was me last November...

For the last month or so I've switched over to using Cetaphil, both the oil control and regular. I also use their moisturizer. However last week I started using tea tree oil, and L'Bri Refershner. I picked up the Tea Tree Oil from Hy-Vee for $10! I figure for $10 tea tree oil was worth a shot. However, I didn't start using the refreshner yet, and it dried my face out. Once I started using the Refreshner (Which I sometimes switch out for BeautiControl's Hydrating Mist.) my face now has a more balanced look. 

This is what my skin looks like today. 

I've been able to keep the cystic acne down, and reduce a lot of the redness. Most noticeable difference is my forehead. Haven't had an active breakout there in over a month. My neck still tends to be somewhat prone to breakouts. However, they are not huge anymore and I have a bit more confidence in my step! 

Another thing I wanted to share is that I used to not be so great at applying makeup. I applied it in a way that I almost looked silly wearing it. This YouTube video changed my life on how to apply makeup with acne, give it go. It's worth it.  

She also has some great product ideas...

Lastly, here's a cetaphil ad...just in case I haven't convinced you yet! LOL

Biggest recommendation for applying makeup for acne prone skin is to use a makeup primer. Helps set your makeup and keep it in place for the entire day. However when going to WASH your face, use a warm wet wash cloth or a makeup remover BEFORE washing your face. These minor tips have really helped me.

Sometimes I swear I am still figuring out how to be a girl. 

Blessings Everyone,