Get up, do it! No Excuses!

I was able to go into work late today, so I snagged the chance to sneak in a workout. Between a head cold, and haven't worked out/exercised/ran since LAST SUNDAY!

While I was only able to commit 30minutes to my workout that was better then nothing!

It was a struggle too, originally I had planned on going to the gym and lifting but I fixed breakfast and then sat on the couch.

I had to mentally force myself to get off my tail. 30minutes is better than nothing. Remember when your last workout was?

Well, not that I have my gym clothes on, I don't really have time to go to the gym and do dishes and go grocery shopping.

I wanted to accomplish all of these tasks before I headed into work...either my OCD has kicked in hyper drive or I'm more of a clean freak then I realized but I just COULDN'T let the dishes sit. So, I decided on completing one of my Jillian Michaels DVDS. Boy do her workouts kick my butt! I was panting and covered in sweat by my time was up. I just cut the Boost Your Metabolism DVD from 40+ minutes to just 30 that way I could get done what needed to get done.

I am so glad I have those DVDs. If you haven't really started working out/aren't a gym person/no gyms close/no money for a membership...well you're excuse is officially invalid. Get yourself a Jillian Michaels DVD STAT.

On Amazon it's $9. Really, you have no excuse not to get this DVD. Obviously I recommend you check with our doctor before starting any fitness routine, but with the winter months coming, I bet there will be less days that you will want to actually get out and do something.

This was pretty much my face before I got into the workout itself.

But I got it done. I feel great! I also feel propelled to keep making good choices for the rest of the day. Funny how that happens.

Blessings Everyone, thanks for stopping by today! Tomorrow I'll post my Weekly Meal Plan!