I boycotted responsibility.

Haven't really been myself lately. Lots of stress mostly mixed with not enough sleep, so I boycotted resposbiltiy this morning. I didn't do a darn thing expect well, dishes, and make healthy meals this morning.

I also caved yesterday. I weighed myself, and you wouldn't believe it. I'm only 1lb outside of my goal range. Oddly it motivated me to buckel down a little. So today while I REALLY WANT A chocolate bar I only had half. I remembered my lunch. I packed really healthy meals. Meals, I'm looking forward to making and are yummy! So while I have a bit of brain fog and fatigue today, I know I'm at least rewarding my body with good things.

Tomorrow I'll be back, and I PROMISE I'll do a weekly meal plan but for now, I wanted to share a picture and a link.

This picture also inspired me today.

I remember what it was like to be 72lbs heavier. Or rather I remember not wanting to be that weight anymore. I'm not sure my dreams imgained where I'd be at today, or even think it's possible, but I know I don't want to get back to that place either.

It also made me realize 2years ago I weighed 4lbs more than I do right now. I'd say, even though I've put on 8lbs, I've kept off the weight. 8lbs compared to 80...well...that's almost...I do plan to start weighing myself weekly. I might reweigh myself Friday. Then from this Friday on, weigh in on every Friday. Here's to watching the carbs this week.

I also like to make before and after's especially when I get a good picture...these also serve to remind where I don't want to be at again.

There's also link from Shut Up + Run that caught my attention. #8 is my favorite...if only...