Insurance Coverage for infertility

I'm beat...stressed out, worn out, can't think. Over worked...just done. Looking forward to my weekend though as there is nothing but clear sky's and schedules ahead this month. Holding out for a clearer thinking and more peace of mind....I'm also going to do the thing, the thing I don't really do or talk about, that often, on this blog. Infertilty.

So while I'm beat, I'm also super pumped to share this petition with you.

It only takes one second to sign the petition (Mandate All Insurance to Cover Infertility as Basic Healthcare) that will help couples who are struggling not just emotionally but financially to conceive.
Infertility is and should be a medical diagnosis covered by all insurance companies.
On average an IUI cycle can cost upwards of $1,00-$6,000 if not covered by insurance, that sometimes might not even include medicine/ultrasounds etc. (Depending on the type of insurance you have as well as where you live in the country.)
The average cost of IVF exceeds that almost double, again largely depending on your insurance and where you live.

Since we're on the subject one might argue that if you can't afford medical treatment then you should "Just a adopt" Rather than cover that statement myself I will link you a very well written post by a christian blogger who posted on just such a topic. Why we're not just adopting 

"For some reason it is assumed that if you want kids and can't get pregnant right away, automatically God is calling you to adopt. Obviously, Joel and I feel called to adopt. We did before infertility was ever part of our story. But even still the timing and the child and the means must be on His timing and His leading.... not the automatic result of us not getting pregnant. While I do believe that infertility opens many hearts to adoption, not everyone who's barren feels called. There are many who do not feel peace about adoption the same way that we currently do not feel peace about fertility treatments. When you say the words "just adopt," it makes it seem like it's a simple decision that all infertile couples should make." 

Help honor those people in your life you who might be struggling to bring a child into this world by signing a potential life giving petition. Help honor their journeys, and this season in their life by supporting them. The petition for signatures is only available until October 9th, please consider signing for, if not yourself, but in honor of someone you love who might be struggling through such a tough emotional, physical, and financial journey of infertility.

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