PCOS on a budget

I don't know where you sit financially but I can tell you for sure, the man and I sit a little bit uncomfortably in "middle class". If that makes any sense at all. We're better about our finances now that we're a bit older and little more seasoned but we're paying for choices we made years ago, which is probably how most 20 somethings live. (Unless you were blessed with savings and financial planning...TEACH US YOUR WAYS...then you don't necessarily have to worry about watching your pennies.)

When my doctor first put me on my current diet, I was freaked not only did I not know what to eat, but how could I afford ALL THAT MEAT?? So much Protein!
With time, coupons, watching ads, not being afraid to shop at bargain places, I learned how to have a PCOS friendly diet on a budget.

I saw a GREAT post by Life Abundant, and rather than trying to recreate the wheel I am posting the link to her post here.

"One thing to note: You can’t buy everything at Aldi, but you can do the bulk of your shopping there, so I always suggest to start at Aldi, then move onto another store to finish shopping. Some people would rather get their shopping all done in one place and that’s fine, I have those days, too. But my wallet takes the hit when I do that… just sayin’."

I like it because they do have honest to goodness organic products. They have the same bag of apples at Aldi's as Bakers (Otherwise known as Krogers) does, only cheaper.

Two opposing views:: I do believe in eating organically as much as financially possible, with PCOS it does seem that a lot of our environment plays a role in having PCOS. (I cannot find the specific research article I read on this but head over to pub med to check out more about PCOS--you'll be amazed at what pops up when you type in Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome into the search engine), however...organic apples STILL HAVE THE SAME NUTRITIONAL VALUE NON-ORGANIC apples. You'd still be getting the benefits. And really when it comes to buying organic if you can't afford it, don't stress about not getting organic labels. Stick to the dirty dozen rule. You'll do great. Here's the clean 15

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Aldi's also has lean, grass fed, ground beef! Much cheaper than hy-vee, It's weird how after time you begin to like a certain brand, I generally stick to Simple Truth Organic at Bakers, but if I'm at Aldi's and it's at a pretty decent price (lower than Bakers) I'll pick some up.

Do check their berries over though, as I tend to find a lot of their berries have mold :( 

"...but I feel like overall their quality surpasses store brands, and on average costs 20% less. I used to have a spreadsheet comparing prices from Kroger’s brands to Aldi’s brands. It was always 20% less. The shopping trips where I skip Aldi and just do Walmart? I totally spend more on the same food." Jessi says.

I typically shop at Bakers and aldi's because they are on my routes home. For specialty items I will hit up Hy-vee or Whole foods, but that doesn't happen very often and it depends on how good pay day was. ;)

Alright time to turn it in for the night, 


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