True Confession & PCOS related list

My diet has been, well...terrible. I have started watching my carbs and my sugars though. So I feel good, but I have added a lot of rice back into my diet. Which, I like rice but for a long time it was OFF the diet list. I discovered brown rice sometime last year and felt pretty good eating it once every few weeks or so but lately? Lately I've had it a few times a week and I get the weirdest burning sensation sort of what feels like at the bottom of my ribs, across my tummy...maybe it's some kind of weird heart burn? I'm not sure. Either way, I have been begging people for Tums or Rolaids which I haven't had to consume in, a long, long while! I used to walk around with a giant bottle of it in my purse, in case I should feel any discomfort after eating.

So, starting tonight, right now, I'm giving up the rice. I've done fairly well with not having a lot of junk food. I caved today and had 1 enjoy life chocolate bar, however I included it in my macros for the day, so I made it fit.

Tomorrow I know I'll have wine and Sunday I was planning on 1 more cheat. Again I will make sure  to keep t as part of my macros. I need to continue to lower my carbs a little more. I originally was going to weigh myself tomorrow morning to see where I was at, but after some encouragement from my sister in law, the personal trainer I've decided not too!

Imagine that, the personal trainer and body builder said "I usually tell my clients to just throw that thing away!" She went onto say that when she was training for her competition she would just watch her progress in the mirror instead of on the scale!

My jeans are still a bit snug though so I have REALLY got to watch my carb count. There's a race at the end of October where they are handing out awards for overall gender and age groups I believe. I would like to place. With keeping that in mind I will be monitoring my carb/sugar/alcohol intake. I think telling you all will help me be more accountable. You guys keep me on track!

Thank you so much for reading and being apart of this journey towards overall health! I hope I can continue to encourage you along with inspire you with my journey.

On that note, here is a list of the Top 10 Things you Shouldn't Do When you have PCOS, from Know Cure! Enjoy!

I'll post weekly meals later this weekend if I can.