Candy Crusher At Home Workout

I want to keep my carb count below 160 most days. Unless it's my cheat day OR if I have run that day. I aim to eat about 120-160 a day. So far, not bad. The weekends definitely get away from me though as there is less structure in my day. I tend to snack or goodies and treats seem to be more readily available. It's a struggle. Today, I have Halloween candy in my room for my clients. I have to remind myself that I can't eat it.

I need to rephrase and say "I'm waiting to eat..." fill in the blank. Might help me conquer the want for the candy a little more.

I have been keeping a steady at home work out schedule though. My lack of motivation to get to the gym is no excuse for not at least getting a good burn on. I love at home workouts. It helps me feel like I'm still accomplishing something but at the same time, doesn't require the amount of work it seems in going to the gym. I go through phases like this of GYM TIME ALL THE TIME and Well....let's see what's on TV and workout for the length of the program.

Continuing with the Halloween spirit of the month AND crushing those extra calories that candy undoubtedly packs on here is today's inspired workout!

A 10 minute routine that can be three times, to create a full workout routine. You can find the workout over at Spark People.
I will be attempting this workout tomorrow morning before the Denver Broncos game! I have a fun motivating program to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!