Cheat Meal Night and Walking Dead Workout

I found this great article over at Pop Sugar, How to Have a Healthy Night. A great article to keep in mind when vegging out on the couch on a Friday night. This was my cheat meal night so NOT exactly my healthiest night. However I will be keeping the 20 things they list in mind for for the rest of the week.

I maintained this week. Holding strong at a loss of 2 pounds. So I need to keep a close eye still on carb and sugar intake still. I would like to lose the last 8, but I'd be happy with just 6. I'm feeling better emotionally and mentally though by maintaining my carb and sugar intake. Really glad I didn't gain!

Go check out How to Have a Healthy Night, it's a great list. #4 is my favorite.

To help get you in the mood for Episode 2 of season 6!