Denver Broncos Fitness Challenge

It appears I'm going to be fairly inconsistent with my blogging until this back patio gets done. I would say 'check out our progress' but we didn't get a whole lot of head way over the weekend, what with the boys deciding that the original pattern of the brick just apparently didn't work.

So back to the drawing board. Tore up brick to lay more brick. I swear if I never talk about patio pavers after this is over...well I won't be sad.

I've been counting some of the work as my workouts. Some days I carried over 1,000 pounds into the back yard. Monday I only carried about 700. It took several trips, but up and down our hill? Yeah, you bet I'm counting that as a workout.

Still trying to stick with my diet. Pants are still on the snug side. Still having a difficult time keeping the carbs down. The last two days though I can feel how...clean I am on the inside? Does that sound weird? Or make sense?

I can't describe it...well I can...I just don't know if you will think if it makes me sound insane OR if it makes me sound REALLY in tune with my body. Sometimes when I eat stuff that's not on my diet, I feel itchy on the inside. Like my stomach and my intestines just keep scrunching and un-scrunching. Then if I have a few really good days of clean eating and drinking lots of water, it's as if I've been washed clean. I feel healthy. I feel whole.

Hopefully I can keep with that good feeling! Moving on! I remember what I wanted to share on Sunday but didn't get the chance to do.

First! I made some AWESOME, TOTALLY DELICIOUS Paleo Fried Onion Rings! You have GOT TO try this recipe over at Life Made Full. I've never made fry batter before, so I was a little nervous about it. The first few rings didn't get enough batter on them. The second few got burned and the last 3 servings I fried up were perfection. 

On Sunday's in the fall, what goes best with fried food? NFL Football Sunday. I meant to share this Sunday, but I was feeding 'the help' (my husbands buddy who is helping with the patio). I found this GREAT Denver Broncos 45 Day Fitness Challenge . 45 minutes, committing to at least 20minutes of exercise, ranging from walking to running. Extra bonus points if you create vision boards, get extra sleep...definitely planning on going to bed early tonight! It's fun way to get started and staying committed to your health. I challenge you to do it. 

I'm doing great so far. I guess you could say that my pinterest boards are my vision boards

Alright, wish I had more time, but gotta run!