Horror Movie Workout Game

Again, I've been away. This month is crazy but my house and yard a looking slightly less like a dual construction yard. I've been fairly on top of my diet. On Friday, I have officially lost 2 of the 10lbs I would like to take off! Woot! I had a few cheats over the weekend and some dicey Indian food from a local restaurant, but it was good...just not entirely paleo friendly I think. I'll be keeping it short today as I'm in between appointments AND still have more work to do tonight on the backyard AND a norwex party to go to. I'll explain more later...for now...

I don't know about you but this last weekend I attended a haunted hayrick ride and ranch of terror. We went with my parents, and I wasn't scared witless, but I was taken by surprise! It was SO much fun.
In case enclosing yourself in with things that go bump in the night aren't your thing, here's a great Halloween inspired workout from Blood Sweat and Cheers entitled Horror Movie Workout Game! You pick the fright level and then get your booty moving!