I have been gone forever! Popsugar zombie workout

I apologize for my absence. I was busy being an AWESOME wife! Running errands all weekend for the man and his buddies. They are helping us build a small fortress in our backyard.

Okay, it's really a patio, but we hope to have it put together by Halloween. The boys are making great progress and I've been doing my best to feed them and make sure they have enough water. Thank you for sticking around though and not giving up on me!

First a confession. I was NOT watching my carb count for the last...ohh...well...awhile. And I have officially put on 10lbs. UGH! This week I will be watching my carbs like a hawk! I'm back to a strict Paleo diet. (Sans eating beans and oatmeal.) so...98% paleo. (I'm sure if you ask a real cave dweller they'll say it's 100% or you're not actually doing it, so I'll tell you I'm going above and beyond clean eating but I'm not doing whole 30 either.

I'm just making, hopefully, really smart decisions to drop these 10 pounds.

With that, I have been focused on eating right as well as exercise. I had a decent hill run last night and I lifted heavy weights last week 2x. Plus helping with the castle in the backyard. Sticking with the spirit of Halloween...here's today's Exercise Tuesday Post.

It's a quick 4 minute video but you can repeat as many times as needed. As well as bring in your own moves to make for an overall GREAT at home workout.

Blessings Everyone, I will be back tomorrow!